Companies that power the future, in the world's most important industries

We work with incredible teams and founders, building technology to re-imagine how things work from the ground up. We focus on industries that can have massive scale and impact on people and businesses.

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Our Approach

Open Secret is a venture lab that works on big ideas by starting small. Led by experienced entrepreneurs who have built and exited companies.

  • Learn from Industry Experts
    We work to deeply understand the visions for the future that true experts have — ideas, pain points, incentives, annoyances. The most impactful and important ideas stem from deep experience and industry knowledge.

  • Start Simple
    Start with simple solutions to real pain points. No unnecessary bloat or complexity. We always start by thinking about the first, limited set of problems we can solve 10x better.

  • Support the Full Ecosystem
    Amazing companies are those that create value for an entire ecosystem of consumers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and larger incumbents.